Service Phases

Architectural Service Phasing and Compensation


Effective September 1, 2013


Phases of Work for Full Service (% of total in parenthesis):


Programming Phase (5 to 10%) - Programming, site analysis and review, zoning research, review of rough estimate building costs/client budget.


Schematic Design Phase (10 to 15%) - Develop initial drawings, coordinate with planning departments, preliminary engineering. At completion of this phase, a design package; including 1/8" scale floor plans, building elevations and building sections and preliminary specification, can be submitted for a preliminary estimatinn by general contractors. 


Design Development Phase (10 to 15%) - Preliminary estimate analysis and redesign if necessary. Usually billed at an hourly fee unless negotiated for lump sum.


Construction Document Phase (40 to 45%) - Drawings as required for permit applications. Drawings and specifications as required for submission to general contractors for final bid pricing and construction.   Contractors will be required to provide total project estimate including breakdown prices for trades and additions/deductions for any alternatives as specified.


Bidding/Contractor Selection (5%) - Coordination of bidding process. Review of contractor bids.

Construction Observation (10 to 15%) - Review of work in progress for conformance to contract documents. Monitor progress and answer field questions.




The following fee arrangements can be negotiated:


1. Hourly rate of $75 per hour plus cost of materials. (See Time and Material Fee Schedule)


2. Fixed fee to be between 5% and 10% of construction costs. (With or without Engineering Consultants)


3. Stipulated sum (or bid).


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